Taleweaver’s Song

What is The Taleweaver’s Song?

Simply put, it is a new family of fantasy adventure.  Emphasis on the adventure.  It’s an ongoing series of tales set on the continent of Atair on the world of Merelein.   It’s a return to classic sword and sorcery, where over any hill an adventure awaits.

The stories will be, for the most part, stand alone.  There will be some connecting threads but these are not long form epics.  Each story will be a complete adventure with a beginning, middle and end.  Each adds to the overall tapestry that is the Taleweaver’s Song.

In a world of magic and dragons, not every battle is one for the ages, not every quest has the fate of the world riding on it and even though everyone has a destiny it might not be to save the world or save the kingdom.

At the same time as the books are being written, the game setting is being developed.  Not just a family of books, the Song will be an old school pen and paper game setting.

The Taleweaver’s Song is intended for most ages, adults and teens.